We at SNAPSHOTMEDIA SA understand how disheartening it is for Business to connect to Golf days for various reason such as 

  • Expense
  • Effort & Admin Associated with it
  •  Lack of Knowledge as to When & Where the Events are Happening & What to do
  •  Prizes required
  •  Little or no return on your investment or not acquiring enough leads.

As a Business -Golf Day connector, we have established the solutions to these problems using our Business connectors:

Hole Sponsor Service – Connecting Company’s to Golf Days

  •  Free Hole Sponsor Sourcing Service 
  • Golf Day Hole Sponsor Directory Concierge.
  • Sourcing & Investigating the Right Events 
  • Sponsor & Brand at More Events

Golf Quota Game – Hole Sponsor App 

  •  Creates a Unique Competition at your Sponsored Hole
  • Generates a Leader Board 
  • Instant Digital Export of Player Detail
  •  Increasing Sales & Marketing Opportunities “Leads” ROI
  •  Brings a Unique & Professional Approach at your Sponsored Hole
  • Get Valuable Contactable Player Detail
  • We Make It Easy… No more …
    •  Tacky clipboards & outdated business card canvassing
    •  Reluctance of golfers to provide contactable information
    •  “Same old” conventional golf day experience

Swingshot – Social Media Booster and Corporate Gift

  •  Branded Exclusive Golfers Corporate Gift & Companion
  • Record Golfers Tee-Shots & the Moment in HD
    •  Social Media Awareness & Audience Extension
    •  Post-game Entertainment & Conversation

We are convinced that this has enticed you to consider Golf-day hole sponsorship’s as part of your strategy. We encourage you to make use of our free hole sponsor service and are offering your Company a Free Golf Quota Game App licence to use at your next Golf Hole Sponsorship valued at R2500.00, which we will gladly find for you as part of our hole sponsor service.